Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And now she is 2!

Nyx had her 2nd birthday this past weekend. We had a lovely family dinner on Saturday, and friends came by on Sunday, and it was wonderful. 

So now she's 2. And she's doing 2-year-old things. Things like looking you right in the eye, saying "Don't frow!", and then gleefully throwing handfuls of cookie cutters in the air. Things like saying "No! No! No!... hokay" when told it is bedtime or that she needs to get dressed.  Things like... hitting. Yup, the smitings have returned to playgroup, and she's been hitting at home, too. And of course the question rises: ASD or 2-year-old "normal" behaviour?

But there are terrific things, too. Things like taking a baby doll up to bed, putting it down with pillow/blanket, and saying "All tucked in. You go sweep now." Or singing increasingly-intelligible portions of Wheels on the Bus, No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, and other favourite songs. Or expressing a clear preference for Momma, Mommy, or Sissy for naptime/bedtime snuggles. So many of these awesome little moments!

We've started working with our KickStart parent coach, and now we have a clear goal list to work on, in small steps. We have weekly reading and activity assignments, and logsheets to track our progress. It's a bit daunting, but given how far we've come already, I continue to be optimistic. 

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