Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Obligatory Intro Post

I've named this blog Keys and ABCs - Autism 101. Sounds a bit prententious, a bit arrogant, even a bit flippant. Quite the opposite. 

Our family is starting out with an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) for our youngest daughter, currently 20 months old. We call her Nyx, which is a German word that means "sprite" or "fairy." She is magical. And she has this disorder, this atypical neurological condition that makes her magical self a challenge to reach. Like a good fairytale, we need to find the keys to Nyx.

We're at the very earliest stage: our ABCs - Autism 101. There is a whole language, culture, world of ASD resources and information. It's overwhelming and confusing. It also gives a great deal of hope, because there IS so much, and more and better information all the time. 

I have started this blog as a way of documenting our challenges and successes as they come, both for our own reference and hopefully to be of help to other families.

In truth, I've also started it because trying to answer the same questions over and over from caring friends and community can get a bit wearing. I love that folks are concerned and interested, but it's very difficult to explain what we don't quite understand ourselves. Here I will try to make things more cogent. 

Thanks for dropping by. 

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