Thursday, June 27, 2013

51 Crayons

A few days ago - in fact, the day before we got the official ASD diagnosis - my sister came to spend the evening with Nyx and I.  Nyx loves her Auntie K, they read books together and sing "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes", and have lots of cuddles. 

So this visit, Nyx wanted to colour. I explained to my sister that we are working on getting kiddo to take turns, so she learns to wait instead of just grabbing what she wants. They coloured for close to an hour, and after each crayon was selected and used, Nyx lined them up very neatly on the table. 51 crayons.

I know that some ASD kids have these little quirky habits, but this really astounded me. First, that she had the attention span to do one activity for such a long time, and second, that she was so focused and intent on arranging the crayons just so after she finished with them. Astounding. 

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  1. K is still very precise about crayons, too. She's been known to absolutely lose her shit if something prevents her from gathering them all up into one place after she's done with them. I think that's how her fascination with pencil cases/boxes came about. Does Nyx have a pencil box? She might like one if she's into the keeping-things-together thing.