Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Multiple Choice

Before we got Nyx's ASD diagnosis, if she was inexplicably, suddenly cranky, I figured it was either (a) hunger, (b) tired, or (c) teeth. That's the standard toddler trifecta of rage, right?

Now, I question everything. Is she overstimulated?  Is she too far off routine? Am I pushing the communication stuff too much and frustrating her?  OR - is she just being a regular almost-2-year-old who can be a three-foot towering asshole for no reason whatsoever?  Because that's the kicker right there. She's ASD. But she's still a toddler, and toddlers of her age are known to be hair-trigger psychopaths, by times.  So I'm stymied. 

I've started reading through the first (of many, I expect) resource book that our Psychologist gave us. It's An Early Start for Your Child with Autism: Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and Learn. It's incredibly dense going, because the smallest details can have huge impact. Basically, we need to make lots of little changes - what that translates to is more self-doubt and anxiety about my parenting. (I say "my" at this point, because I can't and won't make assumptions on how my wife feels about it). It's rather funny, in a way, because most parents complain, "If only these darn kids came with a user manual!" That's pretty much what this book seems to be. The catch is, we aren't really sure what make/model/options our little Nyx is, so does the manual apply? I'll post more about that as we go. 

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