Thursday, July 4, 2013

Outside Our Comfort Zone

Today, Nyx and I visited a new playgroup. It's run by OCTC (Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre), and is specifically for Autistic kids. Max capacity is 16 kids/adults and there are 3 teachers/assistants in the room. 

Well, we were EARLY - crazy early, after a 5 a.m. wakeup and an errand on the way. It's on the far side of downtown, and I never know how to judge morning traffic anymore.  But the nice folks let us play outside in the centre's playground until it was time to go in, so that was good. 

Nyx took to things right away - fearlessly exploring, as always. She played in closer proximity to other kids than she usually does. She played "pretend to feed the baby doll", which near knocked me on my ass in shock. Note to self: buy baby doll & accessories.

Me? I was edgy. I was watching her constantly to be sure she wasn't doing anything that would upset another kid. I tried to chat with some of the other parents but felt really awkward - and guilty, as some of them are still waiting for assessment/diagnosis after a year or more. 

Circle time was hard. One little guy was screaming the whole time, the songs were different, and Nyx and I were both getting tired.  I'm glad we went but I think it will take awhile for me to feel as comfortable there as at our usual group.  Next time, at least, I'll be better prepared. 

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